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Free phone calls via VoIP, chat and messages to your friends!

With Viber for Windows you can call, chat, and send SMS for free to friends who have the mobile app installed on their smartphone. It also supports video calls and it's really easy to use.

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  • Arifur Rahman

    by Arifur Rahman

    This is good media of connecting the people. I have found it very useful in my day to day life to communicate with my well-wisher and friends.

  • Tim Hofstetter

    by Tim Hofstetter

    Not compatible with Windows XP-SP3; refused to install. Just coughs up the error message "The procedure entry point GetThemeTransitionDuration could not be located in the dynamic link library UxTheme.dll."

  • by Keith David

    My laptop screen is six times bigger than my phone but the The text is smaller. That was the point of getting it on desktop.

  • Humayun Aziz

    by Humayun Aziz

    its cool and not a hassel, that asks too mny questions before going forward, so help me god.

  • Soliman Soliman

    by Soliman Soliman

    Excellent program . very helpful program for all. You can call and write to all your family, friends and colleague in any where with very clear sound.

  • Haedar Mt

    by Haedar Mt

    It is important. It is a very important program, and everyone needs to do to communicate with friends, relatives or work. Pros: free call. Cons: nathing

  • by Anonymous

    Crashes at startup on El Capitan. Used to crash while sharing images. Now it doesn't start at all.

  • by Anonymous

    virus attacking on viber. from few days a can not use viber on desktop , bcz some virus attacking the program and could not use it. vier display is blank. pls fix this problem. Cons: need improvement

  • by Anonymous

    i can not ave any image for my profile. i can not ave any image for my profile directly from my computer and i don't know what to do? Pros: it is convinient to use. Cons: i need profile image

  • by Anonymous

    usfel. it is agood program for calling and chating usfel and i benfid from it. Cons: nothing

  • by Anonymous

    I can't install it on my computer, windows 7. I can't install it on my computer, windows 7.. why can't I do it? I have nokia mobile phone, but it doesn't support free calls and emoticons, so I wanted to install viber on my computer.. has anyone had simillar problem?

  • by Anonymous

    I love to joined viber bcos is a nice thing to , by call your friends.. I love viber, is easy to see ur friend. And free call.and again I love meeting friends, viber is something every one love, is so easy . Pros: I love meeting people. I love to dress

  • by Anonymous

    i hope so..... i think it work well.i,m new in viber . let me check it out . Pros: connecting to people.get more friend & fun. Cons: i lost yesterday & i need tomorrow .

  • by Anonymous

    i think so.. i think it work well.well , let me see . what do u want to hearing from me when i am new. let me check it out

  • by Niamh Lynch

    @Using Viber without a 'smartphone'. @Using Viber without a 'smartphone' Thanks for your comment. If you read to the end of the review, you'll see when it was last updated. This particular one is from June 2013. Niamh (Softonic editor)

  • by Anonymous

    Using Viber without a 'smartphone'. 02/17/2014 Love it. Too bad video beta feature only works between desktops, not between mobile phones, tablets, etc. Also, too bad you can't install on a desktop without a Viber account on a smart phone. HOWEVER, if you have a 'dumb phone' and a mobile phone number, there is a way around it! Install the Android emulator 'BlueStacks' ( on your More

  • by Anonymous

    good and make no bouring. sweet,nice,game,beautiful,fine,it look like paradis, systems. Pros: relaxing. ready. Cons: love. and money

  • by Anonymous

    i can t mind it. i am using calling and chat with my friends and enjoy it self together with viber messenger. Pros: i like it very much viber. Cons: i am very progreseve with viber

  • by Anonymous

    best software. best software ever i think it was very good i thing it goes like this. Cons: happy

  • by Anonymous

    good on phones bad on desktop. only error..not working.noconnection pssible to phones.ever error messages. oops coulndnt complete bla bla

  • by Anonymous

    best. Best viber call and sms in the world ever forever and this is a good program